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1503, 2016

Out of sight out of mind?

Not necessarily!   Don’t take risks with your waste.  Always employ a reputable company to deal with your waste.  Don’t be one of the thousands of people who are reunited with their waste by the Environment Agency.   It’s not just embarrassing but could cost you a large amount of money in fines and in extreme cases could lead to a prison sentence.   At Clear it All we take pride in making sure all waste we collect is responsibly disposed of with a focus on re-use and recycling.   Using our service costs less than a skip and we do all the lifting and loading for you.   Why not call us today?

803, 2016

Businesses: Your Waste Responsibilities

Did you know that as a business, you are legally responsible for the waste that you produce? From the date the waste is produced, until it is recycled or disposed of, business waste belongs to you. this includes all storage and handling stages. As a business, this is known as your ‘duty of care’. It’s important to adhere to these responsibilities, or you are in danger of being fined. Local authorities in England deal with over one million fly-tipping incidents each year, and this figure is always rising. Which shows a real need for businesses to take ownership of the waste they produce.

Business waste responsibilities 
It’s important to understand your responsibilities […]

403, 2016

Fly tipping on private land

The true scale of fly-tipping on private land is not clear but it is estimated the fly-tipping on private land costs £50m to £150 million to clear up each year.

Land managers, occupiers or owners of private property are responsible for clearing and disposing of any fly-tipping found on private land. Whilst the Local Councils will not clear waste dumped on private land, they may investigate such incidents where appropriate. In the event that a successful prosecution is brought, the Council can apply for the Court to order that the landowner’s clean-up costs be reimbursed.

The Environment Agency will investigate major incidents with a greater potential to cause harm to human health […]

103, 2016

Fly-tipping and the law

One of the most common questions we get asked at Clear It All is related to the law around waste removal, and how it affects everyone from business owners to households. It’s important to adhere to the law and remove any waste you produce responsibly.

Anyone who produces waste has a duty of care under section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to ensure that it is disposed of properly, and to be sure that it does not end up being fly-tipped. This means, that even if the actual dumping of the waste was carried out by someone else, you can still be found guilty of an offence if it […]

2502, 2016

Who’s removing your waste?

The price you’ve been quoted may be great and they may have turned up, been polite and done a good job.  But what happens next?

Do you really know who they are?   Do you have their trading name and address?  Will they really dispose of your waste responsibly?  Did you pay them cash?   Did you get a receipt?  Could they be traced if there was a problem?

Anyone who produces waste has a Duty of Care under section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to ensure that it is disposed of properly.   Therefore a person may be guilty of an offence under section 34 if their waste has been found to […]

2101, 2016

Saving a few more trees

Another load of cardboard heading out from Clear it All.  It makes us feel good knowing we are saving a few more trees every time we send a lorry full of waste cardboard to the mill.   Each lorry contains around 28 tonnes of waste cardboard.  At the mill it will go through a process that will see it emerge as brand new cardboard, ready to be wrapped around your favourite consumer goods.   Don’t forget to call us next time you have a load of cardboard cluttering up your space.