Did you know that as a business, you are legally responsible for the waste that you produce? From the date the waste is produced, until it is recycled or disposed of, business waste belongs to you. this includes all storage and handling stages. As a business, this is known as your ‘duty of care’. It’s important to adhere to these responsibilities, or you are in danger of being fined. Local authorities in England deal with over one million fly-tipping incidents each year, and this figure is always rising. Which shows a real need for businesses to take ownership of the waste they produce.

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Business waste responsibilities 

It’s important to understand your responsibilities when it comes to waste removal, we’ve listed a few handy points to remember when you are organising waste collection in your business below.

Business responsibilities:
• Use a registered waste business to collect, recycle, recover or dispose of your waste in England
• Register to transport your own waste in England
• Keep to the restrictions if you move waste between countries

You could face an unlimited fine if your waste ends up fly-tipped and you cannot show that you took reasonable steps to prevent it. There are a number of ways you can dispose of your commercial waste, however you must ensure that you complete Waste Information Notes relating to all waste that may originate from your business. According to the UK government, these notes should be kept for a minimum period of two years and they will be required to be made available by authorised officers of the Council, or Environment Agency, when required to do so.

The government is dedicated to reducing the amount of waste that is fly-tipped each year and failure to produce Waste Information Notes when asked by the Council or the Environment Agency is an offence, for which Fixed Penalty Fines of £300 can be issued.

Clear It All business waste removal 

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