Here are some of the questions we get asked quite often, in no particular order.

Q.  Can you do same day rubbish clearance?

A.  Yes!  We will always try to be as responsive as possible however you should book in advance whenever you can to avoid disappointment.

Q.  Where does all the rubbish go?

A.  We work to ensure that as much of your rubbish as possible is re-used or recycled and that as little as possible is sent to landfill.   Currently around 85% of everything we collect is re-used or recycled.

Q.   How do you charge for clearing rubbish?

A.   We charge per cubic yard of rubbish removed, making our service more flexible than a skip .   You can estimate what you will pay for our service by using our pricing chart.  When we arrive at your premises we will confirm the charge.  Our charge includes swift removal of your rubbish, responsible disposal and a sweep up afterwards.  There are no extra charges.

Q.   Which payment methods do you accept?

A.   Cash or debit or credit card.   

Q.   What do you spend the money on?

A.   Our three biggest overheads are paying our staff, running our vehicles and responsibly disposing of your waste.

Q.   Do you remove husbands?

A.   No!

Q.   How much do your staff get paid?

A.   We pay at least the official living wage to everyone who works for us and all of our collection crews are given a monthly bonus based on the amount of waste they divert from landfill and on the feedback they get from their customers.

Q.   What happens to all the paper you shred?

A.   Once it’s been shredded, all paper is sent to paper mills for recycling back into new paper.