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As a local, independent business, you can trust Clear It All to remove rubbish from your home in Southampton and the surrounding areas. Over 80% of everything we collect is reused or recycled as we aim to help reduce the use of landfill. Our professional two man and van teams can remove almost anything, from a single large unwanted item, a mixture of pieces from all over your house, or an unsightly pile of junk from your garden.

Highly rated on Checkatrade, our clearance experts go the extra mile to ensure your home and garden are completely rid of all that rubbish. Use our guidelines below to select the level of waste you have, or simply press the button below to give us a call and speak to specialist.

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Small amounts of rubbish

These amounts of rubbish are generally too small to fill a skip, making Clear It all the perfect solution. Ranging in size from a standard armchair to around eight washing machines, our clearance experts can arrive, survey and remove these amounts in no time at all! Save yourself time and money by letting us do all the hard work.

Not sure how much rubbish you have? Simply contact one of our experts for a free, no obligation quote.

1 Cubic Yards / 0.76 m³

  • £61.67 ex VAT
  • 100kg max weight

2 Cubic Yards / 1.52 m³

  • £82.50 ex VAT
  • 200kg max weight

3 Cubic Yards / 2.29 m³

  • £103.33 ex VAT
  • 300kg max weight

4 Cubic Yards / 3.06 m³

  • £124.17 ex VAT
  • 400kg max weight

Medium amounts of rubbish

These amounts of rubbish would normally be removed by hiring a skip, leaving you to load it all in yourself. You’re also left with a full skip taking up valuable space until it’s collected. Why not save yourself time, space and hassle by letting our clearance experts do it for you?

Need some help in calculating the size of your rubbish? Simply contact one of our experts for a free, no obligation quote.

5 Cubic Yards / 3.82 m³

  • £145 ex VAT
  • 500kg max weight

6 Cubic Yards / 4.59 m³

  • £165.83 ex VAT
  • 600kg max weight

7 Cubic Yards / 5.35 m³

  • £186.67 ex VAT
  • 700kg max weight

8 Cubic Yards / 6.12 m³

  • £207.50 ex VAT
  • 800kg max weight

9 Cubic Yards / 6.88 m³

  • £228.33 ex VAT
  • 900kg max weight

Large amounts of rubbish

Normally enough to fill a skip (or two), these loads require a lot of time and effort to remove (and think about the space you’d need for the skips!). Clear It All’s licenced two-man teams are experts in this sort of job, and can make the whole process so much easier. Give us a call or send us some pictures on our booking form, so we can plan the removal for you.

Unsure exactly how much waste you have? Simply contact one of our experts for a free, no obligation quote.

10 Cubic Yards / 7.65 m³

  • £249.70 ex VAT
  • 1000kg max weight

11 Cubic Yards / 8.41 m³

  • £270 ex VAT
  • 1100kg max weight

12 Cubic Yards / 9.17 m³

  • £290.83 ex VAT
  • 1200kg max weight

13 Cubic Yards / 9.93 m³

  • £311.67 ex VAT
  • 1300kg max weight

14 Cubic Yards / 10.7 m³

  • £332.50 ex VAT
  • 1400kg max weight

Very large amounts of rubbish

Usually following an entire house clearance, or some construction work, these amounts of rubbish would normally take weeks to remove. Our clearance specialists can plan, remove and tidy up the entire area in no time at all. Why not give us a call or send us some photos?

Need a larger size removed, or unsure of how much waste you have? Simply contact one of our experts for a free, no obligation quote.

15 Cubic Yards / 11.47 m³

  • £353.33 ex VAT
  • 1500kg max weight

16 Cubic Yards / 12.23 m³

  • £374.17 ex VAT
  • 1600kg max weight

17 Cubic Yards / 12.99 m³

  • £395 ex VAT
  • 1700kg max weight

18 Cubic Yards / 13.76 m³

  • £415.83 ex VAT
  • 1800kg max weight

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We pride ourselves on going over and above for our customers, and have outstanding ratings on Checkatrade.

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