Confidential data on paper

Our paper shredding service is designed to keep information about you, your family, your business and your customers safe from data theft and the subsequent identity fraud that can occur when confidential information falls into the wrong hands. We can handle all types of media containing confidential information from both businesses and individuals. Any amount large or small. All destruction takes place within 24 hours of collection and will be backed up with a Certificate of Destruction for your records. Don’t take the risk with your data – call us today to discuss your needs.

Confidential Data Shredding



With levels of identity fraud rising year on year just throwing your confidential paperwork in the bin is no longer an option.
Our shredding service offers a hassle free way to ensure that all your confidential paperwork is shredded and sent for recycling.Find out more


With so much information being stored on media other than paper we have extended our service to cover more than just paper.
We can ensure permanent destruction of electronic media to give you the ultimate peace of mind.Find out more

Clothing and Products

Unwanted products or corporate clothing have a habit of showing up on auction websites or the local market
We can collect unwanted products and clothing ensuring they are responsibly rendered unusable and then recycled.Find out more

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